Welcome to the registration site for your enrolment.


You will subsequently be able to both consult and modify your registered enrolment file by means of the link indicated at the end of the email that you will receive as confirmation.

You will be able to modify any information already given and complete any parts that were not completed during the initial and subsequent registration processes of your enrolment.

During the registration process, all the necessary information concerning your group (name of hotel, etc.) will be clearly indicated.

Have fun enrolling for the Congress!

Information about the Choir :

The name of the choir as it should be written on the badge of each member of your group. Please avoid giving names that are too long, if necessary please use an official abbreviation.

Name of your choir*
Name of your Federation*
Address line 2 (optional)
Post code*
Town or City*
Name of Choirmaster/mistress*
Choirmaster/mistress's mobile number

Information about the Choir leader :

This is the person who is can be contacted for anything concerning the enrolment of the choir.

Surname (Lastname)*
Forename (Firstname)*
Language (for correspondence) *
telephone (phone number)
Please indicate country code before your telephone number, omitting the initial 0 of the national district/mobile code if this is not necessary for international calls – example (UK): 00441722456789
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