Pueri Cantores France is a group of choirs offering young singers a place where they can develop and blossom both from an artistic, human and spiritual facet. The association is made up of thousands of young people from all over France, both members of unknown groups and from the prestigious cathedral choir schools. Pueri Cantores France is also a network of skills and contacts, benefitting from multiple partners with the bodies linked to school or musical teaching, the Church and the liturgy. The five essential aims are: Educational, Training, Liturgical tasks, Cultural, Productions.

International Federation

The Pueri Cantores international federation, as wished by Monsignor Maillet, is made up of boy’s choirs, girl’s choirs and mixed choirs, all of them engaged in signing and notably sacred signing. The federation is actively present in 39 countries, on all of the continents, which represents around 40,000 youngsters and children. The federation is presided over by the Polish prelate Robert Tyrala.

The organizing committee

President : Jean Henric, president de Pueri Cantores France

Vice President:: Contre-amiral Jean-François Morel.

Special Advisor to the President and Vice President : Jacques Hérail, president de LSF interactive

Treasurerr : Jocelyn Allaire, Treasurer of Pueri Cantores France

administrative management and coordination : Camille Clier, director of Pueri Cantores France

Project Managers: :

Blandine Vadakarn et JF Morel : Opening Ceremony

Régis de la Roche : Masses of Nations and concerts Thursday night

Éric Montagnier : Concerts entertainment Thursday afternoon

Père Benoît Laronze : Prayers for peace on Friday morning

Nicolas Porte et Jean Henric : Gala Concert

Nicolas Porte : Coordination of events at the technical means.

Père Roland Bresson et Emmanuel Magat : solemn Mass at Notre Dame

Olivier Glaize : Closing Ceremony at the Trocadero

Catherine Metayer : Derivatives and seek funding

Emmanuel Magat : Commission music

Père Roland Bresson :Pastoral Projects

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